Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Country Volunteer and Director Meeting

So we had our first meeting with the country directors and the rest of the volunteers and it was great!

We had pizza, and many desserts. We talked about what to expect when we get there, and how we can prepare. We talked about our goals and some ideas for projects we had for the country, and how to get those up and running.

Laura and I were thinking about getting some sort of dance project going. Maybe for the young children, or even teenagers. We thought that it could raise self-esteem, provide a fun and safe way for these kids to have fun, promote more self-respect, and help them tap into their creative side. Give a higher joy to living.

It got me even more excited than I already am!

Next on my list is to turn in my passport application, get my immunizations and my prescription for anti-malarial pills, my International Youth Card, and get my fundraising letters sent out!

Just about 10 weeks to go and I'll be headed to El Salvador!

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